Library opening times

Opening hours (internal students)
Monday-Thursday                                                   : 08:30-22:00hours
Friday                                                                        : 08:30-22:00hours
Saturday                                                                   : 08:30-12:45hours
Sunday                                                                     : 14:00-17:00hours
Opening hours (Distance Students)
Monday-Thursday                                                   : 08:30-22:00hours
Friday                                                                    : 08:30-22:00hours
Saturday                                                                   : 08:30-17:00hours
Sunday                                                                     : 08:30-17:00hours

The above stated times may be varied at any time at the librarian's discretion. A notice giving details of such changes will be displayed on the notice boards. We have a team of well-trained staff and continue to train them on emerging technologies.

Additional information